Merchandising: 3 Fresh Tips for Creative Window Displays

Do you have window display drama? Not to worry—this high-visibility display area gives many eyecare professionals fits.

Get an inside line on successful window displays with these three highly creative ways to turn heads and engage both patients and passersby.

Tip: Draw attention to your eyewear displays with easy-to-make and affordable props.

  1. Think in Visual Planes.

Before planning and arranging your window display, run a line of tape or string across the window to mark the point of eye level from the street. This is your jumping-off point. Organize your props and display tables in the window to place your key frames right at that eye level. Then, you can place additional secondary products at varying levels above and below the main eye-level products to draw the eye throughout the entire window.

  1. Use Color, Bold Shapes, and the Element of Surprise.

An easy way to make a successful window statement without having an interior design degree is to employ head-turning shapes and colors in your display. Draw attention to your eyewear displays with easy-to-make and affordable props. If you’re a bit crafty, a great resource for colorful, bold attention getters is Martha Stewart Crafts. If crafting is not your gig, you can buy similar, pre-made and easy-to-assemble crafts that are perfect for displays here.

  1. Keep it Clean.

You’ve heard it before but we’ll venture to say it again, mainly because it is crucial to your display success—keep it neat and clean. First off, minimize clutter by displaying a smaller number of products. You can also consider a larger number of the same product—perhaps in different colors—to grab people’s attention with repetition.

Once your display is up and running, be sure to dust it regularly; a lightweight feather duster will work perfectly for this job. It will rid you of unwanted dirt and dust without having to move your display items and props around.

Do you have a creative idea for window displays?

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Erinn Morgan