10 Ways to Sell More Sunwear


National Sunglasses Day is June 27. This makes it a perfect time to stress the importance of sunwear in your practice and on your website. Here we share 10 savvy strategies for selling more sunwear at your location.

Tip: You need to offer a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, AND prices in both plano and Rx sunwear.

29% of kids wear sunglasses, as opposed to 56% of their parents
  1. INVENTORY. You need a robust selection of Rx’able frames, brand-name sunwear, and, of course, the lenses to go with them. Some ECPs complain they don’t sell much sunwear, but, when asked, it turns out they don’t inventory or promote it much either.


  1. MIX. You need a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, AND prices in both Rx and plano sunwear. Why? Because, when The Vision Council asked consumers how they select sunglasses, 65% reported the top issue is fit, followed by affordability (54%)…and, bringing up the rear, UV protection (49%).


  1. LENSES. Work with your lens companies to make sure you feature samples of knock-out sunlens colors. And, don’t forget to display and promote the extras—like polarization, mirror coats, gradients, and, for active wearers and ALL kids, materials like Trivex or polycarbonate.


  1. PALs. Sunwear in a presbyope’s everyday PAL prescription is a natural. It’s one area where bundling can work…offer everyday PALs and sunglasses in the same prescription for a package price. To maintain profitability, the sunwear package should be limited to a selection of lower-cost-to-you frames.


  1. PLANO. If you don’t have a display of plano sun lenses, you’re missing a big opportunity, especially if you promote contact lenses. Your customers are going to buy sunglasses for family members who don’t require vision correction, and better they buy well-made ones from you than low-quality ones from a dollar store.


  1. SUN READERS. These are hot sellers for anyone who spends time in the sun on vacation (aka, a year-round sale) or outside during warmer weather.


  1. LOCATION. While it’s important to have a LARGE selection of sunwear with your frame displays, it’s also smart to keep a smaller display near dispensing tables. That creates a seamless transition between talking about everyday eyewear and discussing sunwear.


  1. CONVERSATION. When talking lifestyle, sure to address sports and other outdoor activities…including attending kids’ games and, of course, driving. Consumers sometimes don’t think of lenses for behind the wheel, but that’s one more reason why discussing lifestyle and activities is key.


  1. WHO. By addressing the long-term dangers of UV and the importance of protecting kids’ eyes, you will be serving the entire family. Unfortunately, only 29% of 10-year-olds wear sunglasses, reports The Vision Council, as opposed to 56% of adults.


  1. WHERE. Most practices report the most success when UV and lifestyle needs are addressed in the chair and then continued in the dispensary. Don’t forget your website, either. It’s the perfect place to promote sunwear and UV protection in general as well as actually sell plano sunglasses.


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Erinn Morgan