Summer Stylin’

From eyewear trends to fashions on the catwalk, we look at what’s sizzling this summer.

Tip: As Vogue puts it, “Color and light are the watchwords for the summer season.”

$85Men spend an average of $85 a month on accessories and clothing, compared to $75 for women.


In terms of frame and lens looks, describes three top trends:

  • ANYTHING GOES. For men: beyond-bold color blocking, super flashy lenses, cool gradient colorations, neon pops, hybrid/combo shapes, and cutouts. For women: “warped” graphic prints, geometrics, cat-eyes, layers, electric/neon colors, plus luxe looks with gems.
  • ATHLEISURE. For men: shields and updated wayfarers, shades of blue, yellow, and green, plus color blocking and mirror lenses. For women: fashion-focused additions like dual-toned finishes, pink, purple, and red colorations, everything from soft silhouettes to updated double bridges, plus bespeckled patterns.
  • ERAS REVISITED. For men: vintage looks—especially rounds in both wire and chunky acetate—set off with tinted lenses, ombré looks, unexpected materials, plus vintage bridges and browlines. For women: Retro glamour takes center stage, along with floral motifs, leopard prints, and jewelry-like accents.



As for fashion at large, “It’s an inherently upbeat season,” reports “From no-holds-barred interpretations of the 1980s to the saturated color palette, joy is oozing from every stitch.”

  • WATCHWORDS. As Vogue puts it, “Color and light are the watchwords for the season.”
  • FREE SPIRITS. It’s also being labeled as somewhat of a free-for-all season, as witnessed by Celine models on the catwalk in mismatched shoes and other designers showing sassy sneakers with summer dresses.
  • SPENDING. According to fashion PR firm Boutique@Ogilvy, “American men spend $10 more than women on clothing and accessories each month. They spend on average of $85 a month, compared to $75 for the average woman. As a result, their research concludes that the menswear market will expand at almost twice the rate of womenswear.



Spending aside, here are just a few of the top trends.

According to Vogue hot looks include:

  • SHOCKING PINK. “At the top of our list for trends of the season,” reports Vogue, “is pink–as candy pink, baby pink, deep cherry, and raspberry–providing a sweet new way to see fashion through rose-tinted glasses.”
  • SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER. Sequins and shimmer, plus iridescent texture and futuristic accents set the runways on fire.
  • YELLOW SUBMARINE. From lemon to fluorescent, yellow lights up the runways. Summer 2017 looks bright, concludes Vogue.


Here are a few more trends, as spotted by Cosmopolitan.

  • “FLOATY” WHITES. Summer high fashion will copy the beachwear-meets-eveningwear maxi dresses seen on runways this Spring.
  • SUPER STRIPES. They were all over the catwalks in every imaginable form: pinstripes, thick stripes, and even “stripey” boots.

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Erinn Morgan