Cool Kids

Today’s tuned-in kids, from tots to teens, are more style savvy than ever before. And, according to Euromonitor International, they also represent a healthy profit center, as kids under age 15 will represent 18% of the U.S. population by 2020. That’s one important reason for your practice to pay attention to their fashion faves as well as their vision health needs. To help, here are the Fall 2017 trends for girls and boys, as reported by and The Vision Council. Overall, says eyecessorize, “It’s all about bright hues, polished prints, plus sporty and fun silhouettes.”

Tip: Be sure you remind parents to pack sunglasses in their kids’ school backpacks.

7.4%of adults report their children “always” wear sunglasses.


  • GIRLS. Lots of vibrant hues, including bright pinks and yellows, purples, saturated greens/teals, and cerulean blues.
  • BOYS. “An array of oranges and blues make way for pops of neon greens and fiery reds,” reports eyecessorize. Mustard yellow takes its place next to blacks and grays as the season’s staples.



  • GIRLS. Cat-eyes, rectangles, heart shapes, and retro rounds, plus sporty wraps.
  • BOYS. Rectangles, squares, rounds, and aviators, plus Clubmaster-inspired and athletic looks.


  • GIRLS. “Candy-colored marble, striped, polka dot, and animal prints,” reports eyecessorize, “plus stone embellishments and ombré effects.”
  • BOYS. From rainbow-infused color blocking and old-school keyhole bridges to camo, denim, and linear looks, plus metal temple accents.



  • BOYS. For boys, reports that flash lenses are hot.
  • HABIT. With all the great sun styles out there, says blogger Jenn Falik, “Even if [a] child doesn’t require a prescription, all children should get in the habit of wearing sunglasses.” Be sure you remind parents to pack sunglasses in their kids’ school backpacks, she adds.
  • STAT. Unfortunately, we have a long way to go on making that a reality for most families. According to The Vision Council’s UV 2017 Report, only 7.4% of adults report their children “always” wear sunglasses.



  • PARENTS. When talking to parents, stress protection from harmful blue light as well…the potential problems inside and out, plus how products like Shamir Blue Zero™ are designed to help.
  • RECOMMENDATION. Based on a unique polymer formula, Shamir Blue Zero absorbs HEV, while maintaining lens clarity. It’s today’s best way to protect the visual health of your patients, young and old.



  • DEVICES. One reason having that conversation about blue light is so important is that kids are spending so much time on devices.
  • TALK. That’s a conversation you, as the eyecare professional, need to initiate. The Vision Council has found that “68.5% of Americans report they have not discussed their digital device usage with their ECP, and 73.5% report they didn’t know that eyewear can…protect the eyes from…blue light exposure and digital eye strain.”


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Erinn Morgan