Video Messaging

Do you have video on your website or on social media? If you do, it’s most likely vendor-produced product messaging.

While that’s great, and important to share with customers and patients, just as important are your own videos that tell your story and include consumer testimonials.

Tip: Before finalizing anything, do a table read and run the script past team members and people outside the business.

62%of consumers “thoroughly consume” video as opposed to 54% for traditional social media posts

They’re a terrific way to attract and keep business, and their popularity is soaring. According to research from HubSpot, for example, more than half (54%) of consumers want more video from marketers. And, for the last couple of years, companies ranging from MTV to Newsweek magazine have been downsizing written content endeavors while upsizing video teams.

Why? For one thing, consumers pay more attention. In a survey of 3,000 consumers, six out of 10 (62%) tell HubSpot they “thoroughly consume” video as opposed to social media posts (54%) and blogs (27%). For another, 65% of consumers are visual (not just audio) learners. That makes video the perfect format.

Considering that your website is the No. 1 source for information to approximately 70% of consumers, that’s where you want to house this video.

Don’t think just one video, however. Think multiple messages. Company. Testimonial. Product. And more.


Whatever the focus, here are a few basic tips:

• LENGTH: Two minutes (or less) is suggested. In terms of scripting, that translates to 300 words (150 words per minute).

• CONTENT: Tell a story. Don’t just try to sell. Say what you may, Warby Parker’s video, “How Glasses Are Made,” is an excellent example of that, according to Digital Marketing Institute.

• TOPICS: If you’re creating a testimonial, check out this website for a list of great customer questions:

• INTRO: Make it jump. If it doesn’t, 20% of viewers will turn you off in the first 10 seconds. One way to grab attention is to start with a question or two.

• END: Always include some sort of call to action at the end of your video.

• BENEFITS: Make sure the focus is on benefits of your product, your business…not just its features.

• TEST: Run through the script with others (called a table read) and turn their feedback into edits and a better final product.


Shamir is a true believer when it comes to video. In fact, the company has created a dedicated, and well visited, section of its website to the 25 (yes, 25!!) videos it has produced. If you’re creating your own testimonials, pay special attention to their award-winning productions.

See all of Shamir’s videos for yourself at: And pay close attention to the vast variety of both formats and subject matter.

Note, too, the vast variety of both formats and subject matter. Subjects include everything from Shamir “Golf Lessons” and instructional/fitting videos to corporate videos in English and Spanish, animated product videos with Mr. Progresso in English and Spanish, as well as both product and, not to be missed, it’s ECP and consumer testimonials on the dedicated website.

Whether you’re seeking inspiration or hoping to learn more about the company and its amazing array of offerings, is a terrific website.

Have you tried your hand at video? If so, tell if you created it in-house or outsourced it, and share in the conversation on Facebook here.

Erinn Morgan