How COVID-19 impacts Consumers

Shamir Insight is known worldwide for its big data research. In the midst of the current pandemic, the company researched and then cross-referenced vision behavior with COVID-19.  It did this by analyzing the responses of more than 950 consumers in combination with a deep-dive analysis of 5 million completed jobs.

The goal of this groundbreaking research was to look at how COVID-19 has affected consumers in several key areas. They include: in-office vs. telehealth appointments; exercise + indoor/outdoor activities; working remotely vs. in an office; and how all this impacts consumers both physically and emotionally.

Tip: Nearly 70% of consumers surveyed continue to prefer socially distanced, in-office appointments

5 millionthe number of completed jobs Shamir analyzed and cross-referenced

Mask Usage

THE CHALLENGE: More than 60% of respondents say they definitely plan to wear a mask in public for the next two months. And, 80% of them added that their glasses fog up either sometimes or all the time when they have on a mask. Half of respondents report that fogging is disturbing.

A SOLUTION: Shamir’s new Glacier Anti-Fog lenses will be released later this year. They were, however, recently made available to first responders and healthcare professionals.


THE CHALLENGE: More than half of respondents spend an hour or more a day outdoors.

A SOLUTION:  This represents an excellent opportunity to increase the sale of outdoor designs–Rx lenses with tinted lenses.


THE CHALLENGE: How does working outside the office change vision behavior? the About 45% of respondents videochat or use Facetime once or twice a day, while close to 20% use the services 3-4 times a day. Just under 30% sit a computer for three hours a day or less, while just under 20% are at their computer 4-6 hours a day. One result is reports of discomfort, with over 65% citing back pain and just over half reporting neck pain.

A SOLUTION: For nine out of ten presbyopes, Workspace and Computer lenses are a great option. Not only does that increase patient satisfaction, but it also increases multiple pair sales.


THE CHALLENGE: While parents report that 40% of kids are currently using devices, including computers, for 3-4 hours a day, 40% aren’t aware of the dangers of blue light to their eyes.

A SOLUTION: Combine the long hours both adults and children are spending on computers and devices, and it’s little surprise that Shamir research finds that 97% of customers are excellent candidates for blue-light protection with Shamir Blue Zero lenses.

Clearly, patients are facing a number of visual issues that have been impacted by COVID-19, but how do they want them addressed? All but 10% definitely prefer in-office over virtual-only appointments, while one in five are fine with virtual appointments in combination with an in-office visit if necessary. That being said, nearly 70% continue to prefer the traditional in-office format, with the caveat that social distancing must be followed.

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Erinn Morgan