HANDS-FREE…Shamir’s New Digital Measuring Device

Shamir just launched Spark Mi™ Up, its new advanced measuring device. Both a measuring tool and a camera, this stylish and technologically savvy device simplifies the process of taking measurements in under a minute, all while keeping a safe distance.

Tip: A great advantage of Spark Mi™ Up is its ability to take measurements through dark-lensed sunglasses.

6’The doctor can remain a safe 6-ft. away from the patient while taking accurate measurements.

 “In our digital age in which society relies heavily on high-tech equipment and fast processing times, Spark Mi™ Up is the perfect solution to meet these needs,” explains Phillip R. Pasit, director of marketing for Shamir Insight, Inc.


With Spark Mi™ Up, the client wears their chosen glasses and looks in the mirror, as they naturally would. The optician clicks once, and the client’s image is captured.

That image immediately appears on the optician’s computer screen, along with an automatically measured PD. And with that, the client’s measuring experience is complete.

The optician can now get all the other measurements needed from the computer: FH, frame box, DBL, BVD, and panoramic.  There is also an option to provide additional measurements for glasses with pantoscopic tilt.


A great advantage of Spark Mi™ Up is its ability to take measurements through dark-lensed sunglasses. Spark Mi™ Up is capable of clearly seeing the client’s pupils even with the darkest of lenses. The result? Measurement for sunglasses is now just as quick, easy, and accurate as it is for clear lenses.


In today’s new reality, where we need to provide service to customers while maintaining physical distance, Spark Mi™ Up offers the perfect solution for a safe return to business without compromising quality or accuracy.

Whether the patient is sitting or standing, the doctor can remain a safe 6-ft. away from the patient, all the while taking accurate measurements.


There are several safe and effective ways to incorporate Spark Mi™ Up into any office setting. An attractive addition to any optician’s shop, Spark Mi™ Up offers clients increased comfort as well as a high-tech experience.  From a practice perspective, it saves the optician time while also guaranteeing precision.


A laptop to record the results is included with the purchase of Spark Mi™ Up. For more information on this leading-edge offering, please visit www.shamirlens.com/sparkmiup.

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Erinn Morgan