Getting The Most Out of Social Media

Nearly nine out of ten consumers report spending at least half an hour more each day on social media than they did pre-pandemic. That’s one of many reasons why it’s important to pay attention to today’s top media trends and to move more into social media this year.

Tip: See if a couple of your most fashion-forward clients would be willing to be featured in eyewear on your social media like Facebook.

82%The amount of all online content that will be video by 2022.

While you may not consider yourself a marketer, it is, indeed, another hat that you likely need to wear. To keep you on the right path, here are just a few of the trends that you can apply in your practice or optical this year.

• SETTING GOALS. More than seven out of ten marketers surveyed by Hootsuite late last year said the goal of social media in 2021 is new customers, while less than one quarter said improving the focus is on improving the customer experience. That’s a big swing, and one that merits the attention of ECPs as well.

• THE HOT FORMAT. In a word, it’s video. According to Cisco, 82% of all online content will be video just one year from now. 

Just as hot, and a natural extension of video, is livestreaming. Take a look for yourself by checking out Instagram Reels and other live video shopping channels. With “remote” remaining a reality, communicating from a variety of venues is a real (or rather reel) plus in 2021.

What about the players? Though Facebook remains at the top of the social media stack, don’t ignore players like TikTok, which grew over 200% last year. TikTok launched its first shoppable livestream last August. According to a Coresight Research study, such livestream shopping events will generate $25 billion by 2023. Pay attention. It’s all very doable for optical, even small operations.

• INFLUENCER MARKETING. Say sayonara to the celebrity spokesperson/endorsement model on social media. Instead, say hello to groups of niche influencers. The good news? You can do it, too. See if a couple of your most fashion-forward clients would be willing to be featured in eyewear on your Facebook page or even on a Wall of Fame sporting their favorite frames from you. Even better, check with local affinity organizations–like moms’ groups, for example–to get them involved with and supporting your business. That support can be in exchange for a contribution, providing eyewear makeovers, offering special pricing on something, or just promoting their group.

• YOUR SUPPLIERS. Another key resource is your preferred vendors and partners. Some like Shamir offer great content and some terrific tips. To check out all its social media assets and other marketing materials for you to use, go to:

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Erinn Morgan