Dedicated Support

Intellicorridor is a Shamir technology that enables strict control over power profiles implemented along the eye’s visual path across a progressive lens’s vertical meridian, or corridor. This technology enables provision of dedicated support for modern lifestyle near-vision tasks, such as frequent use of tablets and smartphones.

Tip: Shamir now has the ability to design lenses optimally suited to a particular activity–from specific sports to multi-purpose lenses for intermediate visual tasks.

0Variable emphasis is achieved with NO compromise of distance vision, adaptation, and transition.


By allowing Shamir lens designers to give variable emphasis to the power for every given point on the lens, they now have the ability to design lenses optimally suited to a particular activity—from lenses for specific sports, to multipurpose lenses that pay special attention to clear vision for today’s intermediate visual tasks, such as using mobile phones. All this is achieved without compromising distance vision, ease of adaptation, and smooth transition between viewing fields.


• INTERMEDIATE VISION. The Intellicorridor technology produces lenses that optimally accommodate a range of common intermediate vision-dependent tasks and activities.

• DIGITAL USERS. The technology enables easy adaptation for digital device users without compromising far vision.

• TRANSITION. It ensures smooth transition among all vision zones.

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Erinn Morgan