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Shamir has launched Glacier Expression™, a groundbreaking AR coating. Accompanying that introduction has been a treasure trove of tantalizing tidbits about not just the product but also about the role of the eyes in communicating with others.

Why is this important? As the pandemic has driven everyone to connect and work in more of a digital space, that need—especially in terms of building trust and empathy—has largely gone unmet.

Here’s some of what the company has shared, including the importance of seeing the eyes clearly to make an emotional connection, especially in today’s digital world.

Tip: More than 9 out of 10 people tested on behalf of Shamir said they felt a connection to Glacier Expression™ wearers.

70%Glacier Expression™ cuts reflections by up to 70% more than other AR coatings.
  1. USAGE: During the pandemic, use of digital devices has increased by 60%.
  2. LIMITATIONS: Seeing others through a digital device, including computer screens, means we’re only seeing 15% of their body.
  3. REFLECTIONS: In addition to improved aesthetics, Glacier Expression™ cuts reflections by up to 70% from the light to which our eyes are the most sensitive.
  4. VISUAL NOISE: Glacier Expression™ wearers experience decreased distraction from background visual noise, including glare from both light sources and today’s ever-present digital devices.
  5. REACTION TIME: The better you can see, the better your reaction time is. Fully half (50%) of eyeglass wearers tested with lenses featuring Glacier Expression™ achieved significantly accelerated response times.
  6. CONTRAST SENSITIVITY: Test subjects also experienced a 25% improvement in contrast sensitivity.
  7. COMFORT: All 1,200 subjects in a Glacier Expression™ test group reported experiencing increased comfort.
  8. DRIVING: Nearly all (99%) even reported increased satisfaction while behind the wheel.
  9. CONNECTION: More than 9 out of 10 (93.3%) of people tested on behalf of Shamir said they felt a connection to Glacier Expression™ wearers, compared to those who wore another premium AR coating.
  10. IMPRESSIONS: Experiments by Princeton University researchers found that in just one-tenth of a second, people began forming impressions of a stranger just by looking at their face.

Have you ever discussed the benefits of AR in terms of making a stronger connection? If not, add some of the above points to your conversation, and tell us about it on Facebook here.

Erinn Morgan

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