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Shamir is known worldwide for its groundbreaking advances. Here is a rundown on nine award-winning technologies that have helped earn it that global reputation.

Tip: Continuous Design Technology™ enables delivery of multi-concept lens designs, improving the vision of wearers of any age.

• EYE-POINT TECHNOLOGY, EYE-POINT TECHNOLOGY AI™, AND EYE-POINT TECHNOLOGY III ™ all represent a lens design optimization algorithm that simulates the human eye in every angle, prescription, and optical zone. By considering dozens of parameters, the technology can simulate exactly how the eye will see through the lens.

• CONTINUOUS DESIGN TECHNOLOGY™ enables delivery of multi-concept lens designs, improving the vision of wearers of any age. Rather than serve eyeglass wearers of all ages and usage patterns with one and the same lens design, the technology enables Shamir designers to deliver 12 unique designs, each tailored exactly to the needs of one of 12 preestablished age ranges.

12The number of unique designs Shamir designers deliver, each tailored to the needs of one of 12 age ranges.

• NATURAL POSTURE™ enables delivery of ergonomic lens designs for the most comfortable viewing postures. An innovative ergonomic design technology, it enables development of lenses that optimally accommodate wearers’ head posture when they are reading or focusing on nearby objects. It also dynamically locates the near viewing zone within the progressive lens corridor, taking into account the prescription’s positive or negative power.

• AS-WORN QUADRO™ ensures optimal lens fitting with the correct power adjustments to any frame. Lens performance can be sensitive to frame choice, due to variations in the pantoscopic tilt and face-form angle of each patient’s chosen frame. This technology enables Shamir to produce lenses with greatly reduced sensitivity to frame tilt variations and ensures that the right power corrections, as required in ECP measurements, are maintained.

• VISUAL AI ENGINE™ is a big data- and artificial intelligence-driven lens design technology. It is crucial to Shamir’s Continuous Design approach, which enables its lens designers to establish and deliver the 12 lens variations. It also allows developers to dramatically accelerate the process of creating many variants from prototype to final design, thereby reducing lens development time by years.

• INTELLICORIDOR™ is technology that enables strict control over power profiles implemented along the eye’s visual path across a progressive lens’ vertical meridian or corridor. It provides dedicated support for modern lifestyle near-vision tasks, such as frequent use of tablets and smartphones.

• CLOSE-UP™ enables delivery of the perfect balance between visual clarity and ergonomic comfort. It allows adjustment and precise correlation of lens reading and intermediate vision zone insets to the wearer’s specific eye convergence or divergence, as well as to the distance between their pupils as well as their arm length.

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