Business Strategies

Smart + focused ideas to boost your business.

Rebranding…Reflecting Today’s Needs

Shamir is dedicated to aligning with the growth initiatives of its ECPs. In response to these challenging times for those eyecare professionals, Shamir has introduced a… more

A New Lens for a New Work Space

We’ve had to change a LOT about our day-to-day operations since Covid-19 entered our lives. How we shop. Where we stand. How we socialize. How we… more

Job Interviews

What you can and cannot ask prospective candidates First and foremost, don’t ever ask about religion, gender, or race. If you do, you could end up… more

Moment to Movement

There’s no better year than 2020 for The American Optometric Association to launch a multi-pronged public awareness campaign called #2020EyeExam. Tip: Go to to locate… more

Identify Theft… too close to home

There’s good news. And, there’s bad news. The good? The 2019 Identity Fraud Study reported the number of people who became identity fraud victims dropped from… more