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7 Ways to Improve Customer Experience

Customer experience has been overtaking price and product as THE key differentiator in how customers perceive a brand or product. Tip: “Self service is trending strong, and…can… more

How to Retain Employees in Your Practice

Employee retention is an ongoing challenge at best and a never-ending nightmare at worst. Though Watson Wyatt Consulting reports that more than half of small businesses… more

Retail Trends You Need to Know

Retailers and merchandisers from around the world (33,000 to be exact) flocked to this year’s National Retail Federation’s big show in January. Tip: “Provide a way to… more

How to Avoid Cyber Attacks

Healthcare-record hacking skyrocketed by 11,000% last year. In fact, one in three Americans has had their records compromised, but very few realize it. Tip: “Control access to… more

Streaming Video and YOU

Meet the latest social media phenomenon, Periscope. It’s really pretty amazing, and here we’ll show you how you can use live streaming video, and apps like… more