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Small Business 2023

Looking ahead to next year, there are a lot of question marks. Will the U.S descend into a full-blown recession? Will the bottom fall out of… more

Ringing the Register

What a year! Inflation has risen to its highest rate since 1982. According to The Vision Council, consumers paid a bit over 6% more for eyewear… more

The New Consumer in 2022

According to consumer priorities research conducted late last summer by AlixPartners, 44% of consumers say their purchasing habits, patterns, and motivations have changed for good since… more

8 Winter Eye Health Factoids

Increasing numbers of consumers understand that they should wear sunglasses outdoors on a bright sunny day. Many even know something about blue light and summertime reflections.… more

Seeing in a New Light

Intense light. We all experience it. Sometimes indoors and often outside. Relief is now available for eyeglass wearers who are very light sensitive or are frequently… more