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Explaining the New AR… 

Glacier Expression Conquers Consumer Concerns How many times have you heard this? “My AR lenses smudge too much.” “I don’t like its color on my lenses.”… more

Prevent Blindness & the UV Message

Prevent Blindness has designated May as UV Awareness month. It’s a great opportunity to deliver that message to patients in your own practice, and the Chicago-based… more

It’s A Wrap

For the first time since 2019, the optical industry gathered at Vision Expo East in New York City on March 31. The four-day event brought the… more

Sunny Side Up 

Spring means sunnier, warmer days. The good news? Many consumers understand more about the importance of wearing quality sunwear than they did even a few years… more

Addressing Your Patient’s Visual Age

Visual Age™ refers to the physiological age of the eye. That is, the individual’s required add power. It is usually and erroneously correlated to the patient’s… more