Customer Service

Defining Disorders

Explaining vision correction to patients can be tricky. It’s easy to say too much and lose them in the process. It’s equally problematic to oversimplify and… more

Drawing Kids to Your Practice

School is about to begin. That brings the topic of scheduling to the forefront in practices that cater to both kids and parents. To help, we’ve… more

Kids’ Eye Health

It’s back-to-school season, and several optical organizations have stats and strategies for ECPs. Here are just some of them that you can share with your own… more

Keeping the Rx

The average capture rate in independent opticals is close to 65%, reports The Vision Council. The rate is slightly higher for lenses, and a bit lower… more

Explaining the New AR… 

Glacier Expression Conquers Consumer Concerns How many times have you heard this? “My AR lenses smudge too much.” “I don’t like its color on my lenses.”… more