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Visual Diversity

PAL designs have historically been created based on the “one-design” concept, meaning they offer the same solution for every patient. The problem? Everyone’s needs aren’t the… more

Dry Eye… The Why, Who, What and How

Dry eye and other potential post-Lasik problems made headlines in the last couple of weeks in a very sad way. These recent examples of patients pushed… more

Cataracts: Helping patients get the message

Patients often talk to staff about problems like cataracts. Considering that more than 3 million Americans undergo cataract surgery each year in the U.S. and that… more

Eye Safety Indoors + Outside

Most people don’t think about protecting their eyes. Until someone they know is injured, that is. Tip: It’s the ECP, not the parent, who is driving… more

Don’t Let That Rx Walk

No question that online sales will represent a threat to many ECPs in the years ahead. And, by virtue of its rapid growth, online already is… more