Perfect Vision for Any Frame Choice

Shamir’s primary goal has always been to resolve vision and related human challenges by producing breakthrough technologies that can bring about a quantum leap in ophthalmic… more

Dedicated Support

Intellicorridor is a Shamir technology that enables strict control over power profiles implemented along the eye’s visual path across a progressive lens’s vertical meridian, or corridor.… more

Continuous Design Technology

More than 50 years ago, the phrase “One size doesn’t fit all” became popular. It’s true in just about everything, and optical is no exception. So… more

Talking Technology

When it comes to explaining spectacle lenses, should you talk tech? Or is it a better bet to gloss over technical features and simply home in… more

Natural Posture

Whether working in the office or at home, or maybe just enjoying a good book, reading can be a challenge for spectacle lens wearers. Knowing where… more