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Myopia Basics

You’re seeing more young myopes in the office. There are a growing number of treatment options, and your staff is likely involved in some of them… more

Giving Back

The pandemic has created chaos, misery, and more. On the flip side, it has helped individuals and businesses look at the bigger picture. One result is… more

Continuous Design Technology

More than 50 years ago, the phrase “One size doesn’t fit all” became popular. It’s true in just about everything, and optical is no exception. So… more

Talking Technology

When it comes to explaining spectacle lenses, should you talk tech? Or is it a better bet to gloss over technical features and simply home in… more

National Sunglasses Day

Sunday, June 27, is National Sunglasses Day. That means it’s time to celebrate sunwear and remind patients about the importance of protecting the eyes against too… more