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At Your Fingertips…

Recent Research on Blue Light Consumers are understandably confused. Some blue light is good. Some is bad. Really bad. So how do you define the difference?… more

Focus On SV

Shamir is ringing in the new year with the addition this week of Premium Glacier PLUS AR Coating to its finished single vision lenses. This premium… more

Wrap It Up

Ten smart year-end selling strategies. Sure, most of us are more than happy to ring out this challenging year. Don’t, however, miss this annual opportunity to… more

DISPENSING WITH CARE…presenting product in a pandemic

From constant cleaning to limited try-on, dispensing in a COVID climate represents a whole new world. How do you keep both staff and patients safe…and satisfied… more


It’s supposed to be fun. But make sure it’s safe, too. As the CDC warns consumers, “Don’t let an eye infection [or injury] be the scariest… more