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Arms too short?

Here’s a lighthearted look at presbyopia. We’re sharing it so that you can feel free to use it in a post on social media, in communications… more

Match Game…Picking frames that complement your patient’s face shape

With so many new employees in optical, we thought it high time to address the critical frame-selection question. That is, how to balance frames with face… more

Glaucoma…Need-to-know info

There’s good news and bad news. The good, according to the results of a study of patients who are on IOP-lowering medication is that 84% of… more

Night Driving and Vision

If you’re like most eyecare professionals, you hear more complaints from patients about difficulty driving at night than any other single subject. Tip: Get enough sleep.… more

Learning + Earning

Staff education and ongoing training is increasingly part of the practice picture. It’s also part of the bottom line, according to Dale Carnegie Training, whose research… more