What’s in a Word? How to Choose the Best Keywords

What's in a word? A lot, when you’re talking about keywords and search engine optimization. It is, in fact, a subject that confuses and confounds almost every small business that’s trying to target its audience. Here are a few tips to help you get more lovin’—that is, more looks, likes,... more

Color Me… Expert Advice From a Visual Merchandising Guru

Visual merchandising isn’t something most ECPs understand. It’s definitely not anything you learn in school. To help shed some light on sound strategies for using color in your displays and even product selection, we sought out the expertise of Travis J. Reed, owner of Creative Visionary Inc., headquartered in Las... more

Big Blue: Explaining Blue Light to Patients

According to The Vision Council, 68.5% of Americans have never discussed digital device usage with their ECP. And 73.5% say they were not aware that eyewear is available to protect their eyes from the effects of eyestrain and exposure to blue light. To find out what eyecare professionals are doing... more

Marketing by Generation

Each generation is different. Whether it’s the way they shop, where they source information, or what drives them and what doesn’t, one thing is for sure. Except for a few overarching trends, one size definitely does not fit all. The most important universal want and need revolves around service. Considering... more

Visual Merchandising: What’s Trending for 2017

When it comes to visual merchandising, some looks are evergreen. Most are not. Here are nine not-to-be-missed trends for next year, plus ways to integrate them into your location without breaking the bank. Tip: Incorporate touches of “Greenery,” Pantone Color Institute’s top color for 2017. This zesty yellow-green shade is... more