20 Do’s and Don’t’s for Interviewers

Whether you’re an owner, manager, or employee—that is, anyone involved in communicating with prospective employees—you need to know what you can and cannot ask during the interview process. To help her are 20 questions that are not OK, and what you can ask instead. Tip: You can’t ask, “How far... more

Social Media: What’s Hot and What’s Not

In the fast-moving world of social media, trends come and go quickly. Here are several of-the-moment ways your customers are getting their information, and a few ways they’re not. Tip: Want to advertise? Not surprisingly, Facebook captures almost 75¢ out of every dollar of social media ad spends. [stat align="right"]80% Instagram usage... more

Eyes on Summer Sports

With summer in full swing, we’re seeing an increase in sports-related eye injuries to children. More than 30,000 kids in the U.S. sustain serious sports-related eye injuries every year. In fact, more than 1 in 3 sports eye injuries currently involve children. Tip:  In Canada, eye injuries were cut by... more

It’s time for Red, White, and Blue Merchandising!

How can you celebrate the 4th, and use the occasion to show your patriotism, have some fun, and build your business? Here are some great and inexpensive ways to do all three. Tip: A photo of Ben Franklin and a pair of readers similar to his are a great backdrop... more

10 Ways to Sell More Sunwear

  National Sunglasses Day is June 27. This makes it a perfect time to stress the importance of sunwear in your practice and on your website. Here we share 10 savvy strategies for selling more sunwear at your location. Tip: You need to offer a variety of shapes, sizes, colors,... more