Ways to reach out to your community

This is the time of year that local organizations formalize plans for regional summertime events. It’s also time for you to firm up your own seasonal outreach plans. Tip: “What’s better than a group of local athletes wearing a shirt with your logo on it?” [stat align="right"]5x The rule of... more

Can Social Media Be for Play AND Work?

Should you let employees use Facebook and other social media at work? Most experts agree that the benefits of allowing staff to use social media at work outweigh the cons. That being said, many organizations share misconceptions about its use. Tip: “Find a way to bring employees together on social media,... more

Minimize stress in your office

Stress has been called “THE health epidemic of the 21st century” by the World Health Organization (WHO). The cost to American businesses? Up to $300 billion annually, according to WHO. Here's how to minimize stress in your office. Tip: “Recognize good work with a formal Employee of the Month program.”... more

This just in: Global trends on retail merchandising

Want to know the latest trends in visual merchandising? Tip: “Make the entire mannequin the focus, not just the clothes or accessories. The next-generation consumers want to see a story.” [stat align="right"]15 Scent marketing is where music was 15 years ago.[/stat]Check out this roundup of trends from last month’s Global Shop,... more

Not a nutritionist? No problem. Share these nutrition tips with your patients

On the heels of National Spinach Week and Peanut Butter and Jelly Day, we think it’s time to remind patients that Popeye’s favorite food is known as the #1 dietary boost to vision, and other vision-friendly nutrition tips. Tip: “You’re the expert, so share information about diet and vision with patients.”... more