It’s time for Red, White, and Blue Merchandising!

How can you celebrate the 4th, and use the occasion to show your patriotism, have some fun, and build your business? Here are some great and inexpensive ways to do all three. Tip: A photo of Ben Franklin and a pair of readers similar to his are a great backdrop... more

10 Ways to Sell More Sunwear

  National Sunglasses Day is June 27. This makes it a perfect time to stress the importance of sunwear in your practice and on your website. Here we share 10 savvy strategies for selling more sunwear at your location. Tip: You need to offer a variety of shapes, sizes, colors,... more

Dangers of Cosmetic Eye Procedures and Products

As more patients opt for cosmetic eye procedures, eyecare professionals need to know how to explain potential problems patients may experience with permanent eye cosmetics and procedures. Tip: Talk to your patients about these procedures, ideally BEFORE they decide to proceed with them [stat align="right"]#3 Blepharoplasty (cosmetic eyelid surgery) is the third... more

10 Online Selling Strategies

Online can complement in-store, for sure. Here we feature 10 ways to sell online without selling out, plus tips on how to balance brick with click. Tip: Don’t sell the same eyewear online that you do at your physical location [stat align="right"]66% of consumers use smartphones or tablets while they’re... more

WINNING WINDOWS: Tips for drawing in business

According to research conducted by Kaunas University, window displays have more impact than any other visual element when it comes to purchases. In fact, reports Visual Merchandising and Store Design (VMSD), 70% of purchases are influenced by displays. Tip: Complimentary colors--opposites on the color wheel--will exaggerate each other and make product... more