Why it Pays to Go Green

Going green pays off. Literally. According to Nielsen, “42% of consumers are willing to pay more for products and services provided by companies that are committed to positive…environmental impact..” Tip: “Use environmentally friendly cleaning products, and, if you employ a service, make sure they do, too.” [stat align="right"]75% LED bulbs use... more

Disabilities & Store Design

Nearly 20 percent of the U.S. population has some sort of disability that requires accommodations in retail locations. Add to that the fact that more than 70 million Americans will be over age 65 by 2030, and you have two very good reasons to follow the guidelines of the Americans... more

Women’s Fall Fashion

What’s hot for fall? Here, we look at the top women’s fall fashion and eyewear trends for the coming season and how you can promote those fresh, new looks in-store and online. Tip: “When it comes to eyewear, look for everything from oversized to organic and unisex to super feminine.” [stat... more


What’s big for back to school? From parents’ purchasing trends to hot styles in kids’ eyewear, here’s what you need to know for fall 2016. Tip: Watch what famous kids are wearing. “27% of parents report they recently bought a fashion item for their child after seeing it worn by a... more

20 Do’s and Don’t’s for Interviewers

Whether you’re an owner, manager, or employee—that is, anyone involved in communicating with prospective employees—you need to know what you can and cannot ask during the interview process. To help her are 20 questions that are not OK, and what you can ask instead. Tip: You can’t ask, “How far... more