This just in: Global trends on retail merchandising

Want to know the latest trends in visual merchandising? Tip: “Make the entire mannequin the focus, not just the clothes or accessories. The next-generation consumers want to see a story.” [stat align="right"]15 Scent marketing is where music was 15 years ago.[/stat]Check out this roundup of trends from last month’s Global Shop,... more

Not a nutritionist? No problem. Share these nutrition tips with your patients

On the heels of National Spinach Week and Peanut Butter and Jelly Day, we think it’s time to remind patients that Popeye’s favorite food is known as the #1 dietary boost to vision, and other vision-friendly nutrition tips. Tip: “You’re the expert, so share information about diet and vision with patients.”... more

Pick and play up this season’s unisex palette

Knowing what new colors to add to your inventory mix isn’t as challenging as it may sound. You already know the preferences of many patients, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to show them what’s hot. Tip: “Brights against white for summer make clients feel happy, while deeper shades mixed... more

How to Focus on ROR — Return on Relationship

Everybody talks ROI (return on investment), but what about ROR (return on relationship)? Here are some strategies for growing your practice’s ROR. Tip: “The key is to find out which networking site the majority of your patients--the ones you want to target, anyway—use the most.” [stat align="right"]2/3 of Americans regularly use at... more

7 Ways to Improve Customer Experience

Customer experience has been overtaking price and product as THE key differentiator in how customers perceive a brand or product. Tip: “Self service is trending strong, and…can be something as simple as a ‘frequently asked question page’ on your website.” [stat align="right"]47% of consumers list fast response to complaints as the... more