Social Media Strategies: 5 New Platforms and 4 Savvy Shortcuts

With new platforms launching at an increasingly rapid rate, it’s tough to stay on top of what’s new and balance that with what already works for businesses. Tip: Even current, popular apps will stay on the move…partnering and delving into new areas. The point, according to Forbes, is to help us feel... more

5 New Customer Service Strategies

Difficult to straddle that patient/customer fence? To help, we offer five forward-thinking customer service strategies for this year and beyond. Tip: Remember that every company is a media company, and you better have a voice. [stat align="right"]87% of consumers surveyed said brands and businesses must work harder to create a... more

Visual Merchandising 101

Tough to merchandise when your focus is on patient and customer care? Here we get back to basics with five simple visual merchandising tips to create displays that will translate into higher sales. Remember that your retail space needs to be your most effective salesperson. Tip: Your retail space needs to... more

Selling Protection, Not Sunwear

In a Harris Poll conducted on behalf of The Vision Council, nearly 70% of those surveyed view sunglasses as a fashion accessory. Tip: The sunwear conversation should be conducted throughout the practice—in the dispensary, in the exam room, and in external communications. [stat align="right"]70% of consumers surveyed view sunglasses as... more

3 Ways to Present Freeform Lenses to Patients

Because they deliver the very best, most advanced vision today, high-tech Freeform™ lenses offer your patients a stellar experience—one that will keep them coming back. Freeform lenses employ an advanced manufacturing process that uses computer-controlled surfacing equipment to reduce aberrations that can occur with traditional lens manufacturing. Tip: Focus on innovation. Consumers... more