‘Tis the Season! Holiday Spending Trends

Mixed earnings reports from U.S. retailers, plus mixed messages from forecasters, are putting a question mark into the holiday shopping equation. Tip: “Expected to hit almost $26 billion this season, gift cards are hot. Why not take a tip from the big boys and create one for your optical?” [stat align="right"]3.7%... more

What’s Hot in Store Design? Store Design Trends Around the Globe

Take a fresh look at your location’s design and how it is tied into all channels of communication you use—print, social media, etc. Tip: “Copper touches on a white backdrop, with grey furniture accents and wood flooring can make a store feel luxurious and modern.” [stat align="right"]#1…Marsala, this year’s color... more


Tech research giant Gartner Inc. discloses top information technology trends and offers tips for managing the customer experience in a technology-driven universe. According to David Cearley, vice president, Gartner, Inc., based in Stamford, Conn., “The top technology trends cover three themes: the merging of the real and virtual worlds, the... more

UV Exposure: What Staff and Patients Need to Know

A new infographic from The Vision Council details common misconceptions among consumers about the importance of sunwear and how excessive UV exposure can damage their eyes. Tip: Reviewing each of the points—and misconceptions—presented in this infographic would make a great agenda for an upcoming staff meeting. [stat align="right"] 66% Even among those... more

Cyber Security: Nine things you need to understand about new smart chips, credit card security, and how to avoid scams

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Here we address some of what you should know about the new smart-chip systems credit cards are converting to this month. They are, in part, designed to help you avoid cyber scams and data breaches. Here are 9 commonly asked questions about cyber... more