Key Colors for 2018

Whether it’s about purchasing frames, merchandising them, or communicating with patients, you need to know what colors are hot. To help, here’s a look at two sets of color trends for 2018, as reported by The Pantone Color Institute—a just-released one on “everywhere” colors and an earlier release on fashion-only... more

Neither Rain Nor Sleet…

Mail carriers may come out in all sorts of weather, but patients…not so much. While forecasts aren’t always accurate, tying promotions and staffing to the season’s weather patterns is of value to businesses large and small. In fact, Retail Assist has determined the two biggest factors determining how people shop... more

That’s A Wrap!

Video is hot. And, Shamir is definitely on-trend with its new patient video, ReCreating Perfect Vision. It’s engaging and entertaining, and delivers its vision and lifestyle messaging in fresh, fun segments. Shamir’s timing is perfect, as video is big and getting bigger. So, why should you feature it in your... more


From small business to pure retail, knowing the trends will help keep you ahead of the curve in the new year. That’s why we reached out to a variety of experts—retail gurus, small business leaders, trend watchers, and more. Read on to find out what they have to say about... more

Wrap It Up!

It’s time to remind consumers that eyewear and accessories make great gifts. Here are several ways to package, promote, and position products as gifts during the holidays. Tip: It’s part suggestive selling and part placement. Everyone on the floor should wear one of the impulse items you have at the... more