Lenses & Trunk Shows

Everybody thinks frames and designer names when trunk shows are mentioned. The fact is that the same format works really well for spectacle lenses, too. Here’s how. Tip: Staff will become most excited about the event a few weeks prior to the end of a current bonus period, so take... more

IQ or EQ?

Experts find that when it comes to customer and patient care, as well as internal management, your emotional quotient is actually more important than your intelligence quotient. The good thing is that, though IQ is what it is, you can retrain yourself and others to expand your EQ. Here’s the... more

Vision 2050… A Mid-century View

How will the vision picture look in 30 years? Here’s a glance at what’s ahead in terms of an aging patient base and the resulting changes in vision care needs by the year 2050. Tip: Underscore the importance of regular exams to all patients, especially Hispanics, who may see an... more

Negative Reviews and YOU

You may not love them, but you can’t ignore them. Why? According to a Google Consumer Survey, 67.7% of consumers are influenced by online reviews. More than half of them (54.7%) add that those reviews do, indeed, play a role in purchasing decisions. In fact, 72% also say they trust... more

Talking to Patients About Glaucoma

January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month. It’s a good time to share information about this devastating, sight-stealing disease with your patients. It’s become even more important since the National Eye Institute announced just last week that “repetitive strain from common and unavoidable eye movements may play a role in glaucoma.”... more