Business Strategies: Should You Use Yelp for Business?

Launched over 10 years ago, Yelp was designed to help consumers find quality local businesses via user-generated reviews. In the first quarter of 2015, had an average of approximately 142 million monthly unique visitors. The site also boasts over 77 million local reviews. Tip: Get started with these quick... more

Trends: 4 Pinterest + Instagram Pages for Eyewear Inspiration

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Business Strategies: Is Your Business Targeted for Retail Theft?

The incidence of retail theft and organized retail crime (ORC) is growing throughout the country—but especially in the eyewear world, where a recent rash of break-ins are making eyecare professionals take further precautions. Tip: Train employees to write down details of the incident but not to address a thief directly—it... more

merchandising lenses

Merchandising: 3 Creative Ways to Display Lenses

Do you display your range of available lens options? While most eyecare professionals have hundreds of eyeglass frames expertly merchandised in their business, far fewer display their many lens options. Tip: Highlight your lens options with an eye-pleasing lens display that's located on the table right where the lens discussion... more

create a twitter page

Social Media 101: How to Create a Twitter Page

Should you Twitter? Today, a full 23% of online users use Twitter. While this number is definitely lower than the 71% of online users that use Facebook, Twitter is an excellent social medium for businesses because of its potential for extended reach. When you tag other businesses and popular hashtags... more