What Sells and What Repels in Marketing?

Sell or repel? When Weird Al Yankovic sang “Word Crimes,” he didn’t have optical advertising and marketing in mind. But we do! Let’s face it. We all have favorite words and phrases. The problem? Some may ring true with you, but not with consumers. To help, here’s a look at... more

Time Clock

It’s time to Fall back. What does returning to standard time mean for patients? One clue is that when you look up antonyms for daylight saving time, you’ll find just one…winter. Regardless of how you feel about changing seasons, the shorter days may impact sleep patterns, exposure to UV, blue... more

Color Me

You’re accustomed to thinking about color in terms of store décor and product design, but what about in social media and marketing communications? Addressing them even has a name. It’s called a visual social media strategy, and here’s what to consider in creating yours. Tip: Use different colors in your... more

Knock Knock. Who’s There? A Concussion!

Did you know that over 20 visual skills can be impacted by a knock on the noggin? Because of that, a concussion, also known as a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), is often first seen by an eyecare professional. Tip: Think beyond football. The riskiest sports for young women, for... more

Carrot Lore and More

During World War II, posters told British citizens that eating more carrots would help them “see in a blackout.” Carrots are still associated with vision, but so are a lot other fruits and vegetables. Tip: To remind them about nutrition and vision, tell kids this joke: How do you know... more