Insight on Blue Light

By Dr. Brian Chou, EyeLux Optometry Harmful blue light is a hot topic among patients of all ages. How can we help patients understand what harmful blue light is and what steps they should be taking to ensure their eyes are protected? Tip: Compare UV and harmful blue light protection... more

Cool Kids

Today’s tuned-in kids, from tots to teens, are more style savvy than ever before. And, according to Euromonitor International, they also represent a healthy profit center, as kids under age 15 will represent 18% of the U.S. population by 2020. That’s one important reason for your practice to pay attention... more

The Millennial Lifestyle and Health

By Sheena Taff, Optician, Roberts & Brown Opticians Millennials are the largest and most influential generation in history and are more diverse, culturally significant, and open to new ways of thinking than any other generation. Combining their passion for stylish glasses and the latest lens technology can help create the... more

Protecting Young Eyes

By Linda Chous, O.D. The Glasses Menagerie Childhood is a critical time in development of the eye, and when good eye care habits are formed, so regular eye care and protection habits should begin early in life. Today’s kids, known as Gen Z, see the world in a different way.... more

Extending the Experience

Everybody puts their money into communicating with consumers prior to the sale. That’s what advertising and marketing are all about. Equally important, however, is keeping it up after the sale. Return customers and patients are, in fact, the lifeblood of a small business. Tip: Keep a notebook by the register... more