Solar Eclipse Do’s and Don’ts

August 21st is the next, and much anticipated, total solar eclipse. Include this safety information in your communications with consumers—both online and in person—to help them protect their eyes while enjoying this extraordinary event. Tip: Use eclipse viewers that meet the international ISO 12312-2 standard for safe viewing. [stat align="right"]2There’s... more

Back to School

With a new school year just around the corner, it’s a good time for a quick look at some of the latest guidelines for children as well as some fresh stats on early vision problems. Tip: If you can catch certain eye conditions and diseases early, you can really change... more

Summer Sun & Indoor Fun

Summer is nearly half over and that means two things. Patients will soon become more lax about protecting their eyes outdoors, and they’ll start spending more time indoors with their devices. Tip: "When we talk to our patients, it's necessary to make those connections for them.” [stat align="right"]73.5%of Americans don’t know... more

Go Psycho!

The benefits of psychographics over demographics. They’re both important. However, if you’re like most small businesses, you don’t bring psychographics into play as often as you could. Here’s how you can, why it’s important, and how psychographics can help you pinpoint and target patient wants and needs. Tip: The path... more

Product Friendly Merchandising Pointers

From streaming video to winning displays, here are several ways you can integrate product into your merchandising messaging both online and in-store. Tip: Post images of staff wearing their favorite frames and include a quote from them about why they like that style. [stat align="right"]80%of online activities are based on... more