Go Psycho!

The benefits of psychographics over demographics. They’re both important. However, if you’re like most small businesses, you don’t bring psychographics into play as often as you could. Here’s how you can, why it’s important, and how psychographics can help you pinpoint and target patient wants and needs. Tip: The path... more

Product Friendly Merchandising Pointers

From streaming video to winning displays, here are several ways you can integrate product into your merchandising messaging both online and in-store. Tip: Post images of staff wearing their favorite frames and include a quote from them about why they like that style. [stat align="right"]80%of online activities are based on... more

Ouch! Need-to-know Info About Kids and Eye Injuries

Here we share recent stats about children, eye injuries, and how you can educate families to help prevent them. If you only share one tidbit with parents, it should be this: Over 90% of eye injuries could be prevented if appropriate protective eyewear was worn. That’s true about playing sports... more

Where to Post What…and When

Did you know that people tend to be happy on Fridays, so posts should be upbeat? Or that the best time for retweets is around 5 p.m.? Read on to learn more about when to post and where, plus what a few of your peers have to say about posting.... more

Brick + Click

Whether big or small, retail businesses are increasingly adding an online presence to their mix. The biggest reason? Millennials. Most of them have never known life without the internet, and, by 2020, they will account for nearly one-third of total spending in the U.S. That being said, there’s also growing... more