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Multiple Pairs

I’m Lisa Veal, O.D. I’ve been a practicing optometrist for 13 years and in the field for over 30 years. In high school I got a… more

End-of-Year Sales

An ABO-certified optician and founder of Optician Now, I’ve been working in Optometry since 2008. I am currently with Monroe Vision Clinic in Monroe, WA, and… more

HANDS-ON…with patients and your practice

My name is Monica Larimore and I was born into optical. Literally. My parents started Crossroads Optical, one of the first optical stores in Boulder, CO,… more

Lifestyle Dispensing … with Lisa Frye

I’m Lisa Frye, optician and manager at Hoover EyeCare Associates in Alabama. My passion for people has helped shape my career for more than three decades.… more