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Summer hasn’t even begun, but it’s already time to think buying for fall. To help you get started, here are some of the top fashion trends for the next season.

According to Vogue, it’s a radical departure from a year ago. “From New York to Paris, the garments that designers proposed have a revitalized pragmatism and grace, with none—or at least fewer—of the logos, wacky prints, or gimmicky silhouettes that have defined recent seasons.” 

Tip: “Whether you want to make an impact in bright yellow, magenta, or green—this trend isn’t for shrinking violets.”

2022This fall’s colors feature unabashed brights.


As Harper’s Bazaar tells readers, “From a return to the art of feminine dressing as a response to so many months in sweatpants, to robe coats as self-care, to equestrian vibes that help get us all back into nature… the trends are mirroring our world now—or making it all a little prettier, and glitzier.”

InStyle addresses how to tie these trends for fall to other product categories, like eyewear frames and sunwear. According to InStyle, must-haves include: pops of pink, retro statement headwear (eyewear, too?), bold prints, sequins, and leather on leather.


What about those pinks? Harper’s Bazaar explains. “The color story happening on the fall runways is pulled directly from your top desk drawer—borrowing the unabashed brights of your favorite highlighters. Whether you want to make an impact in bright yellow, magenta, or green—this trend isn’t for shrinking violets.”

“Colors for autumn/winter 2022/2023 contrast our competing desires for calm and comfort with energy boosting vitality through a range of restful and restorative colors, in tandem with exuberant tones,” adds Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. “As we move forward into an environment filled with contradiction, hues for autumn/winter 2022/2023 enable consumers to move fluidly between a range of contrasting shades.”


As selected by the Pantone Color Institute, the hottest colors for fall are:

• PANTONE 18-1552: Lava Falls…an “impassioned orange-red.”

• PANTONE 16-1358: Orange Tiger…a gregarious, whimsical orange.

• PANTONE 17-2624: Rose Violet…full of vibrance and zing.

• PANTONE 18-6024: Amazon…a lush green.

• PANTONE 14-2806: Nosegay…a fragrant floral pink.

• PANTONE 14-4618: Waterspout…it cools and refreshes.

• PANTONE 18-1148: Caramel Café…a delicious brown.

• PANTONE 19-4127: Midnight…a deep, evening-sky blue.

• PANTONE 18-0625: Martini Olive…a fruity green.


These will mix and match with what Pantone calls “core classics…seasonless hues whose versatility express longevity.”

• PANTONE 12-0602: Arctic Wolf…a softly shaded tactile white.

• PANTONE 12-0813: Autumn Blonde…a creamy, nurturing color.

• PANTONE 19-4105: Polar Night…a “cosmically inspired” blue hue.

• PANTONE 17-0210: Loden Frost…calming earthy green.

• PANTONE 16-3917: Chiseled Stone…displaying “a silent strength.”

For more on these colors and trends for fall, go to pantone.com.

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