Merchandising: 3 Creative Ways to Display Lenses

Do you display your range of available lens options? While most eyecare professionals have hundreds of eyeglass frames expertly merchandised in their business, far fewer display their many lens options.

Tip: Highlight your lens options with an eye-pleasing lens display that’s located on the table right where the lens discussion takes place.

27% For optometrists, spectacle lenses account for 27% of overall revenue, second only to patient exams (32%).

But setting up a visual presentation of lens offerings can only help put more of a spotlight on this important side of the prescription eyewear equation. Lens displays can also demonstrate the benefits of using better materials and coatings—and underscore the reasons why premium lenses are worth buying up to.

According to the Eyecare Business 2014 Market Trends Study, the largest share of business revenue for opticians (32%) comes from spectacle lenses. For optometrists, spectacle lenses account for 27% of overall revenue, second only to patient exams (32%).

Give this profitable product category a merchandising boost with these three inventive ways to show off your options—and engage + educate patients at the same time.

#1: Buy a Lens Center: Several optical display companies offer aesthetically pleasing lens merchandising options with tabletop and wall-mount lens centers. The most effective placement will be right at the table where the lens discussion takes place but wall-mount options can work well to engage patients already looking there for frame options. One option is Eye Designs’ Lens Center panel ($75), which features 9 lens slots and inserts onto a frame display.

OD052Lens Center_Clipped

#2: Create Your Own: Wow patients and encourage a more effective lens options discussion by setting up your own lens display with lens blanks secured onto an appropriate and eye-catching surface or background of your choice. Display head-turning options like style-focused tints and flash mirrored lenses or appealing premium options like digital lenses and AR-coated lenses.

#3: Share a Brochure: If you have neither the time nor money to set up or buy a lens display, consider educating your patients with a lens choices brochure instead. The Optical Laboratories Association and The Optical Lab Division of The Vision Council offer ECPs the “Clear Choices – Your Eyes, Your Lenses, Your Choice” brochure, which provides easy-to-understand information about lens material, design, and treatment options. Available in packs of 100 for $45, this highly informative brochure also includes a Lifestyle Questionnaire to help patients understand which lens options work best for their lifestyle.


Do you display spectacle lenses in your business?

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Erinn Morgan