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First Impressions

You’ve done great product training. So, what’s still missing? That answer is often teaching staff to better engage with others…team members and consumers. Tip: “Ask people… more

Saying Thanks

Do you communicate with patients after a sale? Here are several reasons to do so, as well as three examples of what some of your peers… more

Tips for Motivating Consumers

Consumers want more. More service, increased sustainability in products, and a stronger social presence for products and the businesses that sell them. Those are just a… more

Interview Dos and Don’ts

You want to make a prospective employee comfortable, but you also want to garner as much information as possible during the interview process. One problem is… more

Store Decor Trends

We all make New Year’s resolutions. Fewer than 13% are actually acted upon, however. If you’re like many small business owners, your list may well include… more