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Trusted Brands

For the second year in a row, Band-Aid has been named the most trusted brand in the U.S. That’s according to Morning Consult’s just-released annual Most… more

Sponsoring Local Events

Do all your promotional dollars go to advertising? Hopefully, some of your money is directed to marketing in general and sponsorship of area activities in particular.… more

Reel ‘Em In

Video educates, entertains, and—oh yes—sells. Shamir agrees and has added several videos for viewing on YouTube over the past few months. The mix of messages, each… more

Small Business 2023

Looking ahead to next year, there are a lot of question marks. Will the U.S descend into a full-blown recession? Will the bottom fall out of… more

Ringing the Register

What a year! Inflation has risen to its highest rate since 1982. According to The Vision Council, consumers paid a bit over 6% more for eyewear… more