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National Sunglasses Day

Sunday, June 27, is National Sunglasses Day. That means it’s time to celebrate sunwear and remind patients about the importance of protecting the eyes against too… more

Computer Vision Syndrome and Treatment Options

by Rachael Wruble Over the past year you probably have had increased screen times on computers and tablets. You may have experienced symptoms like headaches, eye… more

Selling Without “Selling”

You have to sell. Those revenues from product represent a big part of your practice’s profit picture and are a big part of the reason consumers… more


On the one hand, COVID has created chaos, confusion, and devastating destruction. On the other, it has brought out the best in innovative thinking. At very… more

Change Can Be Good

Though the first case of COVID was diagnosed just one year ago this week, it sometimes feels like forever. Why do some businesses continue to succeed… more