Peer to Peer

Insight from your peers.

Building Back-to-School Biz

You already know that your product sales are heavily influenced by seasonality. Back-to-school time can be a huge boost to business. Between now and then, however,… more


What’s the biggest issue you’re facing in business this year? That’s a question we posed to two of Shamir’s Peer-to-Peer Champions. They are Lisa Frye, optician… more

Peer-to-Peer Training Tips

Several of Shamir’s Peer-to-Peer experts share their thoughts on that all-important topic of staff training. Each takes a different approach based on individual practice needs. Tip:… more

Peer-to-Peer on Patient Retention

Getting new patients through the door is one challenge. Continuously enticing them to come back is another. Here’s what some of your peers have told us… more

Planning for 2024

Now that we’re in Q4 of 2023, it’s high time to be planning for the coming year. Where do you start? According to accounting firm Founder’s… more