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Peer-to-Peer on Communicating More Productively

Lisa Frye is director of optical at InVision Ophthalmology in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, AL. Here she shares strategies for communicating to avoid and, when necessary, manage… more

Managing Problem Patients

Every practice has them. Folks who are having a bad day. Others who seem unpleasant or dissatisfied by nature. Then there are those few who are… more

Peer-to-Peer on Seasonal Merchandising

Do you change the emphasis of products in spring and summer? Do you also change the product mix and the way you display? Those are questions… more

All in the Family

You may not associate fun and games with eye care. But having them in your waiting room sends a strong message that you are a family-friendly… more

Peer-to-Peer on Talking Blue Light

It’s easy to get tired of explaining the same thing over and over. That can definitely be the case when it comes to addressing blue light.… more