What’s in vogue in eyewear right now.

Small Biz Trends

Tip: As digital is increasingly considered all-powerful, the soft touch is even more important than before. The Small Business Association (SBA) has released its trend predictions… more

Hot Colors + Trending Tones

Get out that can of paint. Two years ago, gray was all the rage for interiors. This year, beige took center stage. So did pastels. For… more

Quiet Luxury

It’s the latest retail trend and is one that represents a new take on luxury for consumers. “At a time when most Americans are living paycheck… more

Sunnies With an Attitude

Shamir’s Attitude III® Sport, that is. As a progressive sunglass lens for sports and active lifestyles, this performance sunglass lens is prescription-tailored to deliver clear undistorted… more

Compensation Trends

For many workers in the U.S., the Great Resignation turned into the Great Regret. That’s the assessment of Fortune magazine which also reports that “quiet quitting… more