What’s in vogue in eyewear right now.

The Concierge Concept

Whether it’s competing with the optical around the corner, the big box on the other side of town, or an omnipresent online retailer, differentiation is the… more

Meeting New (COVID) Consumer Needs

With vaccinations more widespread and COVID cases trending downward, a lot is changing. That includes the emergence of a new consumer…one that’s been changed for the… more

Raising Per-Transaction Revenues…and Relationships

First, why focus on a current customer instead of just pursuing a new one? There are lots of reasons. Not the least of them is that… more

Leading With Fashion

Tip: Partner with local retailers to create a cross-merchandised display. Buy a mannequin to display their, and your, product. Sure, you’re in the business of eyecare.… more

Colors of 2021

Every year at this time, Pantone Color Institute announces its color of the coming year. For two decades, the Institute has been highlighting top seasonal runway… more