Sparking Up Measurements with A Click

Want to make taking measurements easier and the results more accurate? Shamir’s just-released Spark™ 4W can make both happen for you and your team. This standalone… more

The Smart Twofer

Shamir Driver Intelligence™ lenses aren’t just smart. They’re also unique in the marketplace. Why? For starters, it’s actually two pairs of lenses: Moon for low light… more

Express Yourself!

Shamir Glacier Expression™ lets you truly express yourself thanks to its outstanding anti-reflective properties. When eyeglass lenses reflect screen glare and other light sources, it reduces… more

Personalized and Advanced

Shamir Relax™, a free-form lens design, provides both single-vision and pre-presbyopic patients a solution that eases the strain normally associated with prolonged accommodation. This highly personalized… more

All-Purpose Protection

Shamir Glacier Sun™ is an advanced achromatic coating which ensures enhanced protection and minimized glare. It’s perfect for cloudy as well as sunny days. And, its… more