Up Close and Personal

Shamir’s Close-up™ lens personalization technology ensures maximum near and intermediate visual comfort for your patients. Why is this so important? For one thing, the visual demands… more

Tantalizing Tidbits

Shamir has launched Glacier Expression™, a groundbreaking AR coating. Accompanying that introduction has been a treasure trove of tantalizing tidbits about not just the product but… more

The Big Launch

It’s official. Shamir has completed what it describes as “the biggest launch in optical history.” It’s not just one product, however. Instead, the launch involves two… more

New Technology Breakthroughs

High quality and high tech. Both will be on full display next week with the Feb. 1 introduction of Shamir’s Glacier Express™, an exciting new anti-reflective… more

And the Winner is…

The votes are in, and Shamir is a clear winner in the just-completed 2021 EyeVote recognition. The company didn’t just garner the top slot in one… more