And the Winner is…

The votes are in, and Shamir is a clear winner in the just-completed 2021 EyeVote recognition. The company didn’t just garner the top slot in one… more

It’s Time

To supercharge your lenses, that is. And, on Dec. 1, you can do just that with the introduction of Shamir Glacier PLUS™ Metaform™ coating on 1.74… more

The Race is On

Both leaders in their fields, Shamir has teamed up with the Formula One Alpine F1 Team in the inaugural vision partnership for Formula One racing. The… more

Supercharge Your Lenses

Mark your calendar. Dec. 1 is the launch date for Shamir’s revolutionary new nano-structure technology—Shamir Glacier PLUS™ Metaform in 1.74. In the past, it’s been a… more

Seeing in a New Light

Intense light. We all experience it. Sometimes indoors and often outside. Relief is now available for eyeglass wearers who are very light sensitive or are frequently… more