Optimism Abounds

Welcome to 2024. If you’re feeling optimistic about the upcoming 12 months, you’re in the majority. According to new data from Attest, a consumer research platform based in New York and London, 71% of U.S. respondents are feeling positive vibes about this year. That’s up from 64% a year ago.

Tip: Keep it light. More than half of consumers want ads to be funny in 2024.

Positive Vibes

What about those who feel super positive? That’s up, too, according to Attest, with the current number at 33%. That represents a healthy 7 point rise from the 26% of respondents who felt that way in early 2023.

Nearly a quarter of consumers (24%) report plans to spend “freely” this year.

Spending Trends

This optimism is also reflected in spending projections for the next 12 months. Last year, 58.6% of respondents said their spending would be “cautious.” As 2024 begins, that number has dropped to 53%. And, even better news for the eyecare universe, nearly a quarter (24%) report plans to spend “freely” this year.

Fun + Reassuring

And to keep it light, more than half (56%) of consumers want their advertisements to be funny, which is a nearly 5% increase from last year. The number of shoppers who want messaging to be “reassuring” (35%) is down four percentage points from last year.

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Erinn Morgan

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