Sponsoring Local Events

Do all your promotional dollars go to advertising? Hopefully, some of your money is directed to marketing in general and sponsorship of area activities in particular. Why? “Unlike advertising, which shares specific messages about a company or product in the hopes that it will increase sales,” explains Indeed, “sponsorships improve a brand’s recognition and reputation because they support specific events that your target audience cares about.”

What about payback? According to Statista, 44% of marketers realize a 3:1 return on investment from event marketing.

Tip: Be sure to market both the event and your participation on appropriate channels. Just as important, post a follow-up to the event.

One way to start is to check with local organizations and chambers of commerce to see what’s on their calendar. Even better, check with local affinity organizations—like moms’ groups, for example–to see what they have planned. Just asking is a great way to get them involved with and supporting your business.


Supporting area events like health fairs is great, but so is sponsoring your own. That’s what Peer-to-Peer Champion Rob Szeliga, O.D., did when he created an annual back-to-school celebration at Spring Hill Eyecare in Spring Hill, TN. “July has been a time for preparing children for the back-to-school season. We wanted to create a special time for children and to let them know that visiting the optometrist is not an appointment to dread.

 “What started out as a one-day kids’ day grew into a full week. Each year a theme is selected, and the office transforms into a welcoming, fun, kid-friendly place.”

44%More than four out of 10 marketers realize a 3:1 return on their investment from event marketing.

The product tie-in? “Frame and lens packages are always a part of it,” explains Dr. Szeliga. “Parents enjoy the financial benefits of our lens and frame specials. The children enjoy the special attention given to them in selecting their favorite eyewear, and frame vendors enjoy coming and being a part of it.” 


Be sure to market both the event and your participation on appropriate channels. Just as important, post a follow-up to the event on those social media channels. For example, if you donated a pair of plano sunglasses for an event’s raffle, reach out to the winner and ask to post their photo (in their new sunnies, of course) on social.

The bottom line? Consumers increasingly expect that businesses will be active in their community and give back in meaningful ways. People want to see those partnerships in action and see the real ways in which your business contributes to the betterment of the community.

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Erinn Morgan

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