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For the second year in a row, Band-Aid has been named the most trusted brand in the U.S. That’s according to Morning Consult’s just-released annual Most Trusted Brands Report (

Tip: Not every generation trusts brands to the same degree. Generation Z, for example, doesn’t trust them as much as older people do.


Based on data gathered earlier this year on the group’s Brand Intelligence platform, thousands of Americans were asked which brand they most trusted “to do what is right.”

Other brands in this year’s top five are Amazon, Lysol, Kleenex (its first time on the list), and UPS (which moved up to number two from fourth place last year). Rounding out the top 10 are Cheerios, Visa, Dove, The Weather Channel, and FedEx.


The top dog varied from country to country. In Japan, it was Toyota. In France and India, Google came out on top. In the U.K., it was Boots. In Italy, WhatsApp took the honors, and in South Korea, Samsung was in first place.


Average net trust among all U.S. adults is 20 percentage points, but for Gen Z, it’s closer to 11 points.

Not every generation trusts brands to the same degree, however. Generation Z, for example, doesn’t trust them as much as older people do. According to the report, “Average net trust among all U.S. adults was 20 percentage points. It was about the same for millennials, and about 22 points among Gen X and baby boomers. But for Gen Z, average net trust was closer to 11 points.”


The differences are partly due to age. “Some of this trust will be built up over time. Remember, Gen Zers are young consumers,” Nicki Zink, a Morning Consult analyst team lead, wrote in the report. “Like the courting of millennials, brands need to work to meet Gen Zers where they are without coming off as the corporation in the room. A good example,” adds Zink, “is Chipotle Mexican Grill’s response to a viral TikTok menu hack.” How did the company handle it? They partnered with inflluencers and actually added the item to its menu.

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