Intelligent ideas for the right assortment + display techniques.

Rewarding YOU!

Shamir’s ReCreating Perfect Vision® Rewards Program (RCPV) does just that. And it’s easy. Earn points by dispensing Shamir premium PALs. Then exchange those points for cash… more

Good Workplace = Happy Employees

How would employees rank you and the work environment at your practice? You want them to be happy, but are they? To give you a better… more

Glasses as a Gift

’Tis the season. How can your practice profit from the holiday spirit and get a share of the $932 that Gallup reports the average American is… more

Thwarting Theft

The cost of retail theft is huge. The total annual cost to taxpayers is $33.1 billion a year. That comes out to $75,000 a minute in… more

Design + Display

Grabbing a consumer’s attention is getting more difficult. According to research conducted by Microsoft, the average consumer’s attention span has, in fact, dropped from 12 seconds… more