Intelligent ideas for the right assortment + display techniques.

Thwarting Theft

The cost of retail theft is huge. The total annual cost to taxpayers is $33.1 billion a year. That comes out to $75,000 a minute in… more

Design + Display

Grabbing a consumer’s attention is getting more difficult. According to research conducted by Microsoft, the average consumer’s attention span has, in fact, dropped from 12 seconds… more

Making Reading More Comfortable

According to Stanford economics professor Nick Bloom, 25% to 35% of U.S. workers do their jobs from home. Many left traditional office settings during Covid and… more

Sunny Side Up 

Spring means sunnier, warmer days. The good news? Many consumers understand more about the importance of wearing quality sunwear than they did even a few years… more

Training for Leadership

You want staff to provide great service while also working as a team. One giant step toward making that is developing leadership skills. Not just for… more