Wrap It Up!

It’s time to remind consumers that eyewear and accessories make great gifts. Here are several ways to package, promote, and position products as gifts during the holidays.

Tip: It’s part suggestive selling and part placement. Everyone on the floor should wear one of the impulse items you have at the register.

 3/4 of Americans made impulse purchases last holiday season. The most common recipient? The buyer!


Anything that’s small enough to be wrapped and positioned near the register—including eyeglass and contact lens cases, eyewear chains and cords, cleaning kits and pocket magnifiers, readers and sunglass clips. Don’t forget gift certificates with a holiday, plus gift baskets of goodies. And, to add some local flavor, display small craft or jewelry items from local artisans. Consider selling anything that could be an impulse item. According to creditcards.com, ¾ of Americans made impulse purchases during the 2016 holiday season. The most common recipient? The buyer!



It’s part suggestive selling and part placement. Everyone on the floor should wear one of the items.  Then, according to Retail Training Services, “When a customer says, ‘Just looking,’ they can reply with, “If you are looking for a great gift idea, you should take a look at this!” Whatever you sell, spread the word. Patti Thomas, director of retail operations at Northeastern Eye Institute in Scranton, PA, placed festive posters at all 15 locations promoting gift certificates to “give the gift of vision.” The same image appears in print ads and on social media as well. “Mimic what other retailers do in their holiday promotions,” says Thomas. “Create gift baskets for sale or to raffle off for a charity—like a gift certificate for sunglasses, with sunblock, a cord, cloth, and cleaner, for example.”



Visual merchandising expert Travis J. Reed, owner and CEO of Creative Visionary Inc. in Las Vegas, shares a couple of holiday suggestions. “Most customers turn right when entering a retail environment. Use this to your advantage and display seasonal pieces there. And, make sure your lighting is redirected from the ceiling so this area is highlighted. “Also, add small holiday gifts to your eyewear displays. One reason? People tend to notice and buy the one thing that doesn’t belong.”



Consultant Colleen Hannegan, ABOC, RDO, who is also the buyer at European Optical, put a donation jar in the Laguna Beach, CA shop. “Throughout the year,” explains Hannegan, “clients who want to offer tips for adjustments or repairs are invited to put it into the donation jar instead.”


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Erinn Morgan